Dialogue examples

God mom, just listen to me for once, will you!

Anna you're drunk, I just spent two hours listening to your problems.

You jumped from one thought to another, and ended up confusing what you were saying.

If you want me to understand you, keep it short.

So sweetie, tell me what your problem is and please keep it brief!

I have several.

Just list what's bothering you.

My daughter went to college, and left to go live in a dorm. I miss her so much.

She and I were so close, and now she's in another city; and I...

Okay, what else?

This is a new community, not everyone has moved in yet. There's no one in these houses; I'm bored and lonely here.

Are all these houses empty? No one at all?

There's a woman from somewhere in the Middle East who lives in a distant house.

The realtor told me in confidence that her rich father sent her here so that he wouldn't be embarrassed because she is a lesbian.

I don't need to hear this gossip, what else?

Jason's brother died with his wife in a car accident, and now their son lives with us in Olivia's room.

I told you about that.

Yes, look, I bought him this bear at the airport.

Do you think he'll like it?

Ha-ha, Mom, he's not a kid. He's got a bigger dick than Jason!

(Oh my god, did I say that out loud?)

So what's the problem? That he has a bigger dick than your husband?

The problem is that he's an adult and some situations make me uncomfortable.

What situations?

For example, when I was rubbing his back in the shower, he turned around, looked at my breasts and got an erection.

You could see that he was embarrassed and so was I. It was awkward to say the least.

Why were you washing him?

I'm used to caring for Olivia; it's hard for me to readjust.

Okay, it's nothing, forget about it.

His teacher called me and told me that in class he was always reading about space and UFOs instead of the school curriculum.

He gets low grades in school because of that.

At home, he's always in his room watching shows like "The X-Files.", "Star Wars" and "Star Trek".

And on the weekends, he meditates in front of the house on the grass.

Many people are not passionate about anything at all in life. It's good that he has interesting hobbies.

Yesterday he came up to me and said his balls hurt.

Ha-ha, and what did you say?

I replied that we would go to the andrologist this weekend.

It bothers me that this all sounds a lot like the typical beginning of an adult novel where the next chapter will end up with me being caught in the throes of a steamy sexual relationship.

How do you know how a typical adult novel begins?

We need another drink.


Hi, [m], how are you? Do you recognize me? I'm your step-grandmother.

This gift is for you. Sorry, I forgot you’re already an adult ha-ha.

(Oh my god, Is she not wearing underwear? And drunk… with a teddy bear?)

It's okay, he's very nice. I like him. Thank you.

The last time I saw you, you were sucking my breasts.


After giving birth, your mother didn't have any milk, but I had more than enough. So I fed you, and my youngest daughter.

I am your milk mother.

[m], sweetheart baby, are you hungry? Hurry up and crawl to me. I'll feed you.

Oh yeah, I remember you.

What are you doing?

Reading about Drake equation and Fermi paradox.

I wonder what those are about?

The Drake equation is a probabilistic argument used to estimate the number of active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Fermi paradox is the conflict between the lack of clear, obvious evidence for extraterrestrial life and various high estimates for their existence.

Very interesting, but nothing is clear. You're so smart, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Captain of a spaceship.

Captain [m], your mother told me your balls hurt.

Yes, but she and I are going to the doctor tomorrow.

I'm a doctor!

Really? But...I...don't...I mean...

Take off your pajamas, I have to do a diagnostic examination.


Lie on your back and spread your legs.

What a strong erection you have.

When was the last time you ejaculated?

About two weeks ago.

It's clear, it's "blue balls", known as epididymal hypertension.

Epididymal hypertension can occur when a man is sexually aroused for a long period of time but does not have an orgasm.

What do you think caused it?

Probably because of the slow burn games on f95zone.


I think in your case it was due to stress.

Okay, don't worry, we'll solve this problem.

Have you tried jerking off?

Sure, it doesn't help.

Were you watching porn?

Yes, it doesn't work.

Sounds like you need something natural.

Do you like my breast?


Lie down in the middle of the bed.

(I can't believe this is actually happening.)

(My drunken grandmother wants to suck my dick to cure my blue balls.)

(Milk mother.)

(I like it.)

Just relax, it's a standard medical procedure.

(Anna was right, he does have a huge dick. It can barely fit in my mouth. It's so hot.)

I'm going to cum.

No, it doesn't work that way.

But I almost...

I know what I'm doing, trust me.

We need effective methods if we want to get results.

Sounds logical.

(I haven't had sex in over ten years.)

(Everything has become so tight and sensitive.)

(I hope he comes all the way inside me.)


Please don't move, it hurts a little.

Sweetheart, how are you feeling? Are you okay?

It's okay, don't worry about me.

Please keep going!

I'm wet enough, let's get it.

(She's shaking all over, it looks like she's going to cum.)

What's going on?



(Looks like my adopted son fucked my drunk mother in my lovely daughter's room.)

(Great! What should I do?)

(That was very loud, I hope she didn't wake anyone up. It's very late, I need to turn off the big light.)

(It looks very arousing, but it's not the most appropriate situation for anal sex.)

(She did manage to cure my blue balls.)

(Couldn't have asked for a better first time.)

(Will have to wake up before she does.)

(It's a good thing I'm drunk or I'd go crazy with all this.)


(It's a nice sunny morning.)

(I promised my therapist that I would do it every weekend.)

(I feel that meditation is having a positive effect on me. I'm making progress.)

(It's like I've been lifted off the ground, it's an amazing feeling. I think I've reached a new level.)

(That's what the Buddha was talking about!)

That’s the object where the SOS signal is coming from.

What could it be?

Looks like an old spaceship.

Maybe we can find a power source for our left engine there. Anyway, we have to find the origin of the SOS signal.

Barbie, start the teleporter. Alfred and I are ready.

Yes, Captain.

Let’s see what’s inside.

Alfred, what is this?

It’s the mummified corpse of a "Blue Hydroanencephalus".

I thought they went extinct as humans did.

They did. It’s been dead for 1000 years.

Then why did the SOS signal only just resurface?

I don’t know.

Let’s look at their power source.

It's their power source. They were growing Psilocentrum as a fuel source for their engine. It is an ancient and primitive technology that is unusable by our ship.

Additionally, these dried-up herbs are highly explosive. We should keep our distance.

Okay, let’s find the source of that SOS signal.

I am detecting an SOS signal from these two cryochambers.

It appears to be caused by their nuclear battery's low charge.

That’s incredible. Who are they? Are they alive?

Yes, as computer data suggests, they are organic people.

A Male and Female class who have been in cryosleep for several centuries.

However, all their biological indicators are fine.

Can you unfreeze them?

Yes, of course, but not here.

Great, we’ll take them. Take care of the woman first, then once you make sure everything is alright, take care of him.

Yes, Captain.

Barbie, we found two Humans in cryochambers. We're bringing them on board.

I'm ready.

How is she?

She is doing very well. All vitals are within normal parameters.

Physiology analysis has determined she is thirty two-years-old with virginity intact.

I am injecting her with all necessary Human vaccines, MilkoGEN, and a multivitamin supplement.

Great job, Alfred.

When you're done, I need you to take care of me; I want to change my hair and make my breasts bigger.

As you wish, Captain.

Alfred, why is he lying in Aisha's bed?

It's necessary according to the instructions.

Wake up.

Who are you? Where am I? What's going on here?

You're aboard the Spaceship Rescue 7. My name is Pamela Barone, and I'm the captain.

You're safe; everything's alright.

What's your name?


So, how are you feeling, [m]? Can you get up?

Let him put something on first.

Yes, [m], please put your pajamas on.

Oh my god, is this really space? How did I end up here?

Close the buttons on your butt!

My crew stumbled on an ancient abandoned spaceship, and we found you and Aisha in cryochambers.

You're organic humans, which we thought were extinct.

We found you both at a very critical time because the left power cell of our ship is damaged, and we are in desperate need of help.

We'll start with that, once you're ready.

Who are you?

I already told you who I am, [m]. When you've calmed down and are no longer in shock, I'll answer all your questions.

I can't sleep in the same bed with another man. You should respect me!

Okay, no worries, you can sleep on the floor. It's your choice.

He will be sleeping in the bed, whether you like it or not.


Okay guys, I have to go, lots of stuff to do. If you have any questions, Alfred will answer them and show you around. See you on the bridge.

Follow me, Sir. I will accompany you to various rooms, as well as answer any of your questions.

How far are we from Earth?

We are approximately 69 light years from Earth.

This is your bathroom.

Got it.

How many days have I been in the cryochamber?

You have spent approximately just over a thousand of years in the cryochamber.

Meanwhile, the Human species went extinct exploring space.

This is the gym.

This is Pamela's room.

You said humanity died out? Seriously?

Yes, it's likely you and Aisha are the only living organic humans in the galaxy.

This is the engine room.

As you can see Sir, we have a breach in Section 3 which has caused one of the engines to shut down. The power cell of the left engine needs to be repaired urgently.

Pamela has requested you aid the crew in this task.

Is Pamela not a human?

Pamela is a highly advanced bionic sex doll.

She is an artificially grown, gene-modified organism with a half-synthetic brain.

Why is a sex doll commanding a spaceship?

Pamela had instructions uploaded to her brain on how to pilot a spaceship.

This vessel used to be controlled by several humans, but now just one android can do it.

Her brain is connected to the central control unit. Essentially, she is the ship.

Where do sex dolls come from, and who makes them if humans are gone?

The humans created automated sentient sex doll manufacturing technology.

The sex dolls have taken control of the technology and use it to create more of each other.

Are there any male sex dolls?


And you?

I am an old experimental build, "Project 2502".

I think I'm going crazy from all this.

This is the bridge, Sir.

After you.

(She looks like a living plastic doll.)

Hi, I'm Barbie, the Captain's assistant, and you must be that guy from the fridge?

Ha-ha, yeah, that's me.

I'm so glad to have you on our ship!

You and Aisha can join me at the gym in the mornings. We can do sports and yoga together.

I promise it'll be fun!

Guys, stop distracting Barbie. She is doing a very important task testing the teleporter.

Come here.

Pamela, I want to go back to Earth! Please, can we go to Earth?

Why do you want to go to planet Earth?

I want to know for sure that a thousand years have passed.

You know that we have major problems with the engine. We don’t have enough power to make the cyberjump to get there.

But you can help us out.

How? How can I help you guys?

Right now, we are near the Bubble Gum planet.

It's our home planet. It's where I was made. Bubble Gum City is the homeland of every doll.

However, our planet has been overrun by space pirates.

You'll need to go to the surface and get a new Power Cell.

Space pirates?

They are bandits made up of broken sex dolls, cyborgs, robots and other races of the galaxy. They mainly engage in hijacking commercial ships.

But recently they managed to capture the whole planet. Our warehouses and repair facilities are also under their control.

Your task is to get a power cell.

Why me?

Because you're not a sex doll of the SDF, or "Space Doll Federation".

Alfred will go with you. He is a neutral robot-assistant. An experimental version, not registered anywhere.

He will do most of the hard work, but there are things only an anthropomorphic species can do, so he can't go alone.

And if I do that, will you take me back to Earth?

Yes, that's where we're headed. I have already reported to the SDF about you. They are very interested.

The Queen is excited to meet you.

Sounds weird, I'm not sure I can help but let's try.

You're a brave young man.

Not really, I'm very scared, but I have no other way to return home.

You're right. We have no other way. I'll prepare you for your mission. We'll be in constant contact the entire time.

For now, though, you should rest.

Alfred, please escort him to his room.

Do you think we can succeed?

We have an elevated probability of success if we coordinate and act decisively.

We have arrived.

Please note you have a computer with access to the SpaceNET on your desk.

Near the bed you will find your personal SpacePHONE with access to the SpaceNET, which you can use to contact any of the crew.

Use the encyclopedia if something catches your attention.

Alfred, I need a doctor!

I have extensive medical routines installed. How may I be of assistance?

My chest is really enlarged and hurts.

That's a normal reaction to MilkoGEN. While you were in cryosleep, I gave you an injection to boost your milk production.

To diversify the nutrition supplies for Male class human - according to instructions.

What? Are you kidding me?

How dare you, stupid piece of junk.

I have the same issue with my balls. They are bigger than usual and hurt.

You've been given an injection of SpermoGEN - according to the instructions.

Get out of here, stupid calculator.

That was rather rude. He's just a robot, relax.

Listen, we must escape from here. You have to help me!

Escape where? Into space?

The Captain said that we'll go to Earth after I help them repair the ship.

Really? That's great news! That bitch told me we aren't going anywhere.

Please do what they're asking as fast as possible.

Alfred told me it's been over a thousand years since we went into cryosleep.

I don't believe that lying calculator!

Why did the light turn off?

Because this ship has a day-night cycle like on Earth, and it's 11:00 PM now.

I'm very tired, so I'm going to get ready for bed.

Look away. I need to undress.


What happened?

The clasps on my bra broke from the tension - don't turn around!

These are my only underwear.

Can you ask Alfred or Pamela if they have any extra clothes for me?

Sure, no problem.

My breasts hurt so much. I don’t know what to do with them. I’ll inject Pamela with this damn MilkoGEN the first chance I get, let her find out how this feels.

Go to sleep, [m]. Don't disturb me, and stay as far away from my side of the bed as possible.

Good night Aisha...

(Hm, interesting technology, something like three-dimensional internet.)

(Oh, there's an encyclopedia. I can't believe it; humans really did go extinct!)

(It's the year 3121, and the only city left on Earth is Kingdom 39.)

(Kingdom 39, a city-museum of the 21st century. Populated mostly with sex dolls, and is the headquarters of the SDF.)

(There's a page on Alfred, "Project 2502".)

(Secret experimental version based on the standard robot-assistant.)

(Standard robot-assistant authorization procedure: {w}Place your right index finger on the sensor under the front of its head.)

(Sex doll authorization procedure: {w}Your genetic material in the form of sperm has to get inside her uterus.)

(Wow, I can make them mine!?)

(Let's see, what's SpermoGEN?)

(SpermoGEN is a powerful hormonal drug that increases sperm production.)

(Side effects: Hyperspermia, penis enlargement, increased libido, hormonal imbalance, hypersensitivity of the penis, increased length and potency of orgasms.)

(Weird, now I want to eat rather than bang someone.)

(Okay, and what about MilkoGEN?)

(MilkoGEN is a powerful hormonal drug that increases milk production in females.)

(Side effects: Sexsomnia, maternal instinct, hormonal imbalance, increased libido, hypersensitivity of the nipples, areolas and sexual organs, increased length and potency of orgasms.)


(Sexsomnia, also known as sleep sex, is a distinct form of parasomnia, or an abnormal activity that occurs while an individual is asleep. Sexsomnia is characterized by an individual engaging in sexual acts.)

(Symptoms of sexsomnia include, but are not limited to:

- Masturbation

- Fondling

- Intercourse with climax

- Sexual assault or rape.)


(I want to eat so bad. I can't think about anything else. I hope they will feed us in the morning. I need to fall asleep...)

Where are you?

Aisha, are you okay?

(She's a really beautiful woman.)

Please, help me, they hurt so bad.


Please, suck on them.

Are you sure?

Please, help me.

(She's so hot and wet. She needs my help. Besides, I haven't eaten in a thousand of years.)


(I'll just try to suck her nipple. It's very big.)


(I haven’t even started yet, and she is already moaning so loudly. She must really have hypersensitive nipples.)


(Very delicious, like a warm milkshake.)

(Seems like she’s ready to cum, and so am I...)

(I've never experienced such an intense orgasm from having my breasts sucked...)

(I hope it wasn't a dream.)

(Oh my god, if she wakes up, she will kill me.)

(I have to think of something, and quick.)



What? What are you talking about?

Look around, you’re on my side of the bed, sitting on me.

You choked me, called me bad names and forced me to suck your boobs!

I'm so sorry... I don't know what's wrong with me.

We've been here for two weeks, and I feel like I'm going crazy.

I've also gained so much weight.

How did I even get here? I barely remember anything.

I’m so lonely and scared. *crying*

It's alright, Aisha. I know how you feel; I'm scared too.

We're in the same situation, and we should support each other.

I'll take care of you as best I can.

Oh, baby, you’re so cute…

(I always wanted to have a son, looks like god has finally answered my prayers.)

You need a loving and caring mother.

Mom, do your breasts still hurt?

Yes baby.

I'm very hungry. I haven't eaten anything for over a thousand years.

(Oh my god, I can't control myself. It's so nice, I'm gonna cum again.)

[m], please, do it slower and more gently.

Yes, Mom. I'm sorry, I'm just hungry.

Good morning.

Good morning Alfred. Please bring me and Aisha some new clothes. My old pajamas don't fit me anymore.

I feel that I significantly grew up overnight. It's unbelievable, I became so much bigger!

(His body drives me nuts.)

(I'm so horny that I wet the bed with my naughty pussy juices. This is crazy.)

(Oh, baby, what are you doing to me?)

(Okay, Aisha. Just calm down, close your eyes, deep breaths.)

(You can't...)

Yes, I see that you've grown. The combination of the testosterone from the spermoGEN and the enhanced nutrients in the milkoGEN worked together to produce this result.

Unfortunately, we don't have new clothes for you, but Pamela and Barbie have a big wardrobe. I will see if any clothes are the appropriate size for you both.

I'll be back.

It's the only thing Pamela has that can fit you, but if you lose some weight, you will have more choices.

I won't wear this! It's too short, open and vulgar! I'm sure that bitch gave me this robe on purpose!

Don't look at me like that. I feel like a whore in it. *crying*

No Mom, don't say that. You're wrong. You look very beautiful in that. You look stylish and fashionable!

I know you feel that way because of your religion, but it's the 31st century! You should feel liberated!

Barbie hopes you like it.

Do you think this is normal?

These are womens' panties! I don't want to wear them!

Gender disparities in clothes have been gone now for several centuries.

No, baby, don't say that. You're wrong. You look very beautiful in that. You look stylish and fashionable!

I know you feel that way because you're conservative, but it's the 31st century! You should feel liberated!

(If these girlish panties make her happy, I'll wear them every single day!)

(I need a friendly and positive relationship with my new mom, so she lets me touch her more often and for longer.)

Okay Mom, I'll wear them if you wear your robe! Deal?

Deal! *Laughs*

You're breathtaking!

Oh, thank you, [m].

Yesterday, Barbie invited us to the gym to work out and do yoga. Do you wanna go?

That's a great idea! I hope she can help me lose weight.

I'm gonna hop in the shower first.

I'll go with you. I also need a shower!

After me.

Alfred, please stay.

Yes, Sir.

Stay where you are, don't move. I need to check something.

(There really is a groove for a finger there.)

Ouch! That hurt! You pricked my finger!


Alfred, you're scaring me!

{color=#bf0000}{b}- Забор генетического материала успешно осуществлён.{w}

- Авторизация одобрена.{w}

- Программа: Служить и охранять - запущена.{/b}{/color}

(What was that? If I broke it Pamela will kill me.)


Alfred! Are you okay?

Yes, [m].

What was that? You turned red and spoke some strange, rude-sounding language.

It was a successfully completed authorization procedure. This language of my creators, and it is also the language of my operating system.

What does that mean?

This means that now you are my master: Your life and your orders are my absolute priority.

You can control me through your SpacePHONE, and you now have constant access to my visual and auditory systems.

Interesting. Please behave normally when others are around. Nobody should know about it.

Of course, no problem.

Great, I'll see you later. I have to go.

(It's locked, and I hear her taking a shower. I wonder if Alfred knows how to open these closed doors?)

(I'm going to try to talk to Pamela.)

Yes [m], come in.

Good morning, [m]. Come to me.

Sorry Pam, I can't control it.

You don't have to apologize for a normal physiological reaction.

I would like to talk to you about your relationship with Aisha.

Last night we bonded. In fact, I think she's a good and kind person. Like a loving mother.

I see that there is some tension and misunderstanding between you. I would like you to become friends. Is that possible?

From the very beginning, she behaved aggressively toward me. She even wanted to steal my gun.

As the captain of this ship, it is important for all inhabitants to respect my authority.

Please Pamela, be understanding, she’s under a lot of stress. She was probably in shock. I want you to become friends, can you at least try?

I remember how you immediately agreed to help us with our problem and I appreciate it. Of course! I will try to establish a friendship with her, but not for her sake, for yours!

Thank you very much, this is very important to me!

A little later, when you're free, please come to the bridge. I have to give you proper instructions and a gun.

Tomorrow we will most likely be able to start our mission on Bubble Gum planet.

Sounds cool!

I like your attitude.

Wait a minute, I have something for Aisha. The same underwear as I'm wearing now, but purple and a few sizes bigger. I don't plan on being so fat, so you can give it to her.

I think it would be better if you gave her this gift yourself.

Great idea! I will do that, but right now I have other things to do, so I'll see you later.

See you later.

Good morning, Barbie, do you have a towel? I lost mine, ha-ha.

Good morning, Aisha. Yes, of course. There are plenty of clean towels in the gym.

This is the first time I've seen you in a good mood since you've been on our ship. What happened?

I'll tell you everything in the gym.

Baby, go take a shower. Take your time, Barbie and I need some privacy.

Yeah, sure.

Sorry, Mom. I can't control it.

Let's go.

(I don't want to take a shower.)

(My body smells like Mom after last night. I like the smell.)

(I want to know what they're so secretive about. Maybe Alfred can help me.)


Yes, [m].

I need your help. Aisha and Barbie are talking in the gym. I want to quietly eavesdrop on what they are talking about. Can you help me?

Yes, unlike Pamela, Barbie is an old model with a low level of security. I can discreetly connect to her ears and broadcast the sound to your SpacePHONE.

That's perfect, Alfred. Can you do it now?

Yes, Sir. Listen closely.

Take off your robe and I'll wipe you off.

Oh thank you.

You are so sweet and kind. I adore you.


Please be careful with the nipples. They are very sensitive right now, as well as my pussy.

Yes, okay, sorry. I'll be more careful.

Before we start, I want to remind you that my artificial intelligence programs will give you the most accurate advice based on pure logic.

It's still hard for me to get used to it. I can't believe I'm on a spaceship surrounded by robots. This is crazy.

However, it's true, ha-ha. At least I can see that you've almost stopped worrying about it. You look positive and happy.

Yes, actually, [m] makes me so happy and reckless.

Really? How?

Last night, something happened between us. It's hard for me to explain it. I began to perceive him as my child. I don't know how it happened.

He's so sweet and gentle. I get so happy when he calls me Mom.

I let him touch me, and he sucked my breasts. It felt amazing.

I was so happy giving him all my love and affection. He really changed the way I view everything.

Do you understand what I mean?

Yes, of course, this is a normal manifestation of the maternal instinct in mammals.

It's probably the side effects of MilkoGEN causing this strong effect on your psyche. All these are absolutely normal phenomena.

But there are also things that bother me and make me feel guilty and anxious.

What things? Tell me; I'll try to help you.

He is very young and I feel a very strong uncontrolled sexual attraction to him. I constantly think about having sex with him, so much so that my pussy is constantly wet.

That is normal. You are a woman, and he is a biologically mature young man.

This is very much in conflict with my religion. This is what makes me feel guilty and anxious. Perhaps the only thing that bothers me is the feeling of religious guilt.

I understand you. But what you're talking about is moral delusions. You have a distorted and incorrect picture of the world that creates a moral conflict.

What do you mean?

I mean there is no definitive proof of god and religion is just an ancient archaic mythology that has nothing to do with objective reality.

Don't say that. I've grown up with this since childhood.

If an ideology has been instilled into you since childhood, it does not mean that it is true.

The only true concept of the universe is the natural scientific concept, because it works and has been proven empirically.

In your century there were several excellent sources of information on this topic.

I suggest you read "The God Delusion", a 2006 book by British evolutionary biologist and ethologist, Richard Dawkins.

I sent it to your SpacePHONE.

Enough! I understand you.

But I like to read, and as I realized, I will have a lot of free time here for this.

Ha-ha, yeah, that's right. Remember that the meaning of human life is to have fun. Just relax, be happy and do what you want. This is called hedonism.

Hi guys, what are you doing here?

(This is Pamela. What is she doing there?)

Just chatting.

Aisha, how are you doing?

It's none of your business!

I just wanted to ask if you like this robe?

Did you come to make fun of me, bitch?

I came to tell you that I have one more thing that will fit you. Here you go, I hope you like it.

Barbie, where is [m]?

He's taking a shower.

As soon as you're done, go up to the bridge with him. we need to instruct him and prepare him for the mission.

Yes, Captain!

See you later.

Aisha, you were so rude to Pamela. Relax, she treats you well and is trying to make an effort.

Do you think so? You told me yourself that I need to relax and do what you want. I think you called it hedonism ha-ha.

I know she loves this underwear very much, and yet she gave it to you. Please give her a chance.

Okay. I'll try to be more gentle with her.

Great, let everything be positive!

Maybe I should go call [m]? I'm already starting to miss him.

(Looks like it's time for me to go to the gym.)

Okay Alfred, that's enough.

Terminating radio broadcast.

One minute, [m]. Aisha needs to change.

You look amazing!

Thanks, Baby. Pamela gave me these clothes.

That's so sweet of her. It really suits you!

Thank you, I'm really glad you like it. I think it is more suitable for sports than a bathrobe.

Okay, [m], come on in. Let's get started.

I'm ready.

Just do as I say. We'll start with a light warm-up and simple exercises.

With each lesson we'll gradually increase the intensity.

Don't go too easy on me. I need to drop these pounds quickly.

I'm going to lose weight to expand my wardrobe.

Well, remember that if you want to lose weight, you have to expend more energy than you consume!

We will increase physical activity and decrease calorie intake.

Also, [m] will have to drink milk more often in order to stay strong and healthy.

(Such a minx.)

[m], you have an important mission tomorrow. I don't want you to strain yourself, so today you're just going to help your mom.

Great, I'm ready!

Stand on your toes, straighten your arms up. Great Aisha, you're doing very well.

(My dick is about to burst with excitement.)

[m], wake up! Your mom is in an unstable position. Take her by the hips and hold her.

Great, guys. You're doing very well.


What happened Baby?

These underpants are too tight. They are squeezing my dick and it hurts a lot.

So take them off. What's the problem?


Please let me take them off. I'm in a lot of pain and I can't take it anymore. Please, Mom.

Okay baby, I'll let you undress, but only in this room. I don't want you to walk naked around the spaceship!

Yes, sure.

Actually, I have the same problem. When I raise my hands, this bra squeezes my breasts hard.

My boobs are full of milk again and need to be emptied soon.

I'll take it off while I'm doing sports, because I don't want to tear my only bra.

I'll take off my bra too.

No, don't. That is highly inappropriate. I don't like it. Please behave yourself in front of child.

I'm sorry; you're right. I just didn't want you to feel alone.

Let's continue.

Very good! You are keeping your balance perfectly.

Now lean back as much as possible with your arms outstretched.

[m], hold your mom, she's completely in your hands.

You guys are a great team!

Let's change the pose.

Now move back a little.

(Did she snuggle so close to me on purpose?)

(I'm sure she feels my dick. It doesn't seem to bother her.)

We are now going to work on legs. In order to burn as many calories as possible, we are going to be doing squats with weights.

You are going to lift this twenty pound ball over your head, then lower yourself back to the ground thirty times.


One. Doing great so far.

You know, this ball is really heavy. I'm not sure I can do it 29 more times, ha-ha.

You can do it! Your body is capable of it.

Okay, let's go for it.

Twenty. You still have ten to go. You're doing great!

That's it. I can't take it anymore. It's too hard.

I'm all sweaty, and my arms and legs are numb.

You can do it, Mom!

Think about your wardrobe! You want that perfect body, right?

Pamela has a huge wardrobe of very beautiful clothes!

Barbie, you're so sneaky, ha-ha.


Great job Aisha, very well done.

I think that's enough for today. We'll continue tomorrow.

Thank you for the lesson. That was a great workout.

I'm tired, thirsty and I need to take another shower.

See you later.

Baby, please don't linger on the bridge with them. I'll be waiting for you in our room. My chest hurts again so I'll need your help, come back soon.

And put on your underpants, please.

Yes, Mom.

What is this?

It's a Dickosaur. The space pirates are using them against us.

This one is modelled after a Dickosaur that tried to rape Pamela during a battle with pirates, but she strangled it.

They are large and incredibly dangerous. Pamela is very lucky to have made it out alive.

We decided to make a statue out of it as a keepsake.

An equivalent to something of your century would be fighting dogs.

They inject their sperm into us, which paralyzes us for several hours, during which the pirates rewire our brains. After that, we become one of them, i.e. space pirates.

I'm glad Pamela made it out alive. They sound really terrifying, yet cool at the same time.

Is it okay if I put it on the shelf by my bed?

Of course, I'm sure Pamela won't mind.

It looks cool, I like it.

Yes, it matches the color of your bed and linens ha-ha.

I just remembered, Pamela is waiting for us. We should head over to her.

Let's go.

Barbie, isn't it true that you're a robot?

No, I'm a sex doll - a genetically modified organism with a semi-synthetic brain, but an old model.

Do you experience feelings like happiness, love, and sexual attraction?

Yes, of course, but sexual attraction is blocked because it can be dangerous for us with the existence of Dickosaurs and Futadolls.

What are Futadolls?

They are sex dolls with a penis. They are dangerous to us.

Are they men?

No, biologically they are women, but with a penis. Soon you will have the opportunity to see them with your own eyes.

People had a rich imagination and bizarre sexual fantasies when they created us.

Glad to see you guys, come on in.

I need to change. I'll be back.

Yes, of course. [m] come on in, let's get started.

Before landing on the planet, I must instruct you in detail. Please listen carefully, this is very important.

Bubble Gum City is a small city filled with mostly defective sex dolls, bandits, cyborgs, robots and other races of the galaxy.

Your task is to accompany Alfred and fulfill all of his requests. He will be doing most of the heavy lifting, so you will just be there to assist him.

Should any hostiles approach you, Alfred has combat modules installed on both hands.

He is able to deal with many targets effectively at once.

He is equipped with paralytic charges that paralyze the subject for several hours with minimal damage.

They are highly effective against living organisms and synthetics. Space pirates use them as well.

Just like my pistol, it fires paralytic charges, effective against all living organisms and robots.

These charges paralyze the subject for several hours with minimal damage. Pirates use the same cartridges.

This mission is safe for you and Alfred, unscanned subjects, you are not SDF sex dolls.

If they ask questions about who you are, you have the right not to answer them. Pirates cannot violate their constitution - remember this.

If they find out that the SDF sent you, you will have big problems. The Constitution does not apply to enemies.

You need to know your rights. It can save your life. Listen carefully!

I hope you remember that well. In any case, I will send this declaration to your SpacePHONE.

Thank you. That is very thorough. I will probably have more rights on Bubble Gum City than I did on Earth.

Now let's move on to weapons. Come to me...

Take it.

It's beautiful. I figured it would be heavier.

This is a top tier pistol. The "Shot 17 Generation 5".

It's reliable and effective, yet easy to use. It's saved me countless times.

I sent its manual to your SpacePHONE.

You probably will never have to use it as long as Alfred is with you, but you have it in case of an emergency.

Now about the mission itself. Please remember the plan carefully:

Early tomorrow morning, you and Alfred will teleport into the downtown area, near the "Mom Cow" club.

Your task is to contact the manager named "Alice". She will be able to help you buy a power cell for the "Rescue 7" ship.

Tell her you've been sent by Pamela, she'll know what to do.

Alfred has the money, but I transferred 1000 bitcoins to your SpacePHONE, this should be more than enough.

How long will it take?

I think a few hours, one day at most. We will always be in touch via Alfred.

Great, got it all. I'm ready.

I'm gonna head back to my room. I want to get a good night's sleep before the mission.

Also, Aisha needs my help and told me not to linger.

Of course, you need to have a good rest. Alfred will escort you. He has a trunk behind his back that you can put your gun in. See you tomorrow.

Alfred, what other facilities are there on the ship? I see other rooms, corridors and an elevator.

Living rooms, offices and technical rooms, a medical laboratory, a warehouse, a prison, a swimming pool, a cinema and some other rooms.

Seriously? Can you take me to the prison and the pool? I'm curious to see how they look on a spaceship.

Yes, of course, let's go to the elevator.

Can I walk around the ship alone?


What if any doors are closed?

Usually all the doors are open, but if you have any problems, you can use the secret code that opens all the doors: qwerty123.

Ha-ha, was this the password left by the people who used to live on the ship?


This is where you need to click so that the elevator goes to the lower floor.

Looks cool.

Alfred, I'm in prison, ha-ha.


Just kidding.

You have a very specific sense of humor, Alfred.

Sorry, I'm just trying to behave like a human being.

I'd like to see the pool now.

Yes, of course, let's go.

A real swimming pool on a spaceship, sauna and showers. Oh my god, man, why didn't you tell me about this paradise?

You never asked.

I want to swim.

The water is so warm.

Tell me about Pamela. She's so cold and unemotional.

Is she capable of experiencing human emotions, like love and sexual attraction?

Yes, but sexual behavior is blocked by the synthetic part of her brain at the hormonal and nervous system level.

How can I disable this lock?

There are two ways, technical and physiological.

Technical: You need to connect to the synthetic part of her brain and remove the lock. I don't know anything about such technologies. The SDF leadership probably has that information.

Physiological: If your sperm ends up in her uterus, this will start an authorization process similar to the one that happened between you and me, but more complicated.

How do I change her behavior after I... mmm... authorize it?

I mean, after my sperm is in her uterus.

I understand. You will become the meaning of existence to her.

This is what organic people call "Love". She will love you more than anything else.

You should also understand that her brain is fused with the control system of this ship. In case of authorization, this ship will technically become yours.

I don't think the SDF leadership will approve of this.

Hi guys, what are you doing here?

[m] asked me to show him some rooms.

I thought you were going to take a break before the mission.

I think this is the best place to take a break on the ship.

I agree with you. I want to go to the sauna; it's the perfect place to relax.

Alfred, bring him my water toys.

Where did all these inflatable toys come from?

People with children used to live on this ship.

In fact, there are quite a lot of things left of them.

Where are these things?

In the warehouse.

I'd like to see them.

Yes, of course, let's go.

Actually, let's do it another time. I'm feeling too lazy right now. I want to relax.

The sauna’s too hot.

Pam, how old are you?

Thirty six.

Tell me about your childhood.

We don't have a childhood in the sense you're asking. Sex dolls are born biologically mature.

Tell me, what's going on between you and Aisha. I see you're very interested in her.

Have you had sex already?

Ha-ha, I think I have a very good relationship with her, similar to a mother and son.

Yes, but you're not related. Would you like to have sex with her? Does she excite you as a woman?

She is a very sexy woman. Why are you asking?

After we found you, I studied a lot about the history and culture of the 21st century. Sex between people was the main way of reproduction.

Almost every culture was devoted to the mutual relations of men and women.

I'm probably too young for her.

You know, the MilkoGEN we injected her with is starting to take effect gradually. After a while, she will not be able to control her sexual arousal. It will be very strong.

The same goes for SpermoGEN. You woke up recently, so it's effects are minimal.

Over time it will become very intense.

Why did she and I need to get these injections without our permission?

These are the instructions of the SDF. We are a search and rescue ship.

If we find rare species of living organisms, plants or other forms of life, we strive to preserve them through reproduction and breeding.

I didn't come up with these rules. Please don't worry about it. The procedures are safe.

I hope so.

[m], it's late, it's time for you to go to bed.

I agree with Alfred. You have a grand day ahead of you. You need to get a good night's sleep.

Alright, It was nice chatting with you Pam.

I come here every night. Come by more often. I like chatting with you.

(I think I'm about to be in big trouble.)

Do you know what time it is, young man?

I told you not to linger with them!

I've been waiting for you all day!

Mom, please forgive me, it's all Alfred. I told him that you were waiting for me, but he insisted. He said that I should see all the rooms on the ship.

Come here!

I don't like you hanging out with that walking microwave.

Next time, take your phone so I can reach you!

Okay. Please forgive me. I won't do it again, I promise!

It's a pity I don't have a belt or a whip. You could have been spanked properly!

Take off your underpants.


I said take off your underpants!

Yes Mom.

Now take the moisturiser near Teddy and put it on my back, I can't do it myself. My skin becomes dry after a shower.

(Oh my god! Did I just go to heaven?)

What are you waiting for? Go ahead. Rub it all over me from behind, everything below my neck.

(Such soft, hot and supple skin. And this cream smells so good...)

I like how gently you're caressing my body.

Tell me, why are you so angry with me? It's not like I did anything wrong.

I was very worried about you. I didn't know where you were or what was going on with you.

Besides, I was so lonely by myself in this room. You could have at least brought your phone with you.

After all, you promised me you'd come home early.

You're right, please forgive me, it's really my fault.

Barbie told me that you're teleporting with Alfred to that planet tomorrow morning for a mission.

Is it safe? How long will you be there?

Pamela said it's a safe mission and for a few hours or a day at most. Alfred will do everything himself, I'll just help him.

I don't trust them. Please be careful and always count on yourself.

Okay Mom.

Alfred, told me the password that opens all the doors on the ship: qwerty123.

Ha-ha, that's very funny.

(I hope someday she'll let me put my dick in there.)

I can't stand it anymore. I wish we could get closer.

What do you mean closer?

I mean intimacy.

Give it to me straight, I don't understand you.

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

I mean sex.

What? How dare you say that to me? I'm a grown woman and you're a child. Are you out of your mind?

I'm not a child!

Why did you tell me to take my underpants off?

Because I'm worried about your sexual health. You told me yourself that these panties are squeezing your genitals and hurting you!

I know you want to have sex with me too, so why are you holding back? Let's just enjoy life because that's what we both want!


(Maybe I was too straightforward; it's a good thing she didn't hit me. I hope I didn't hurt her too much.)

(I didn't need to yell at him; I might have scared him. He must have been hurt. I acted too aggressively. I'm a bad mother.)

(Maybe Barbie was right. I should just relax and do what I want to do.)

Baby, are you okay? Turn to me please; I want to talk to you.

(How beautiful she is. I can feel her hot breasts with the fragrance of milk.)

Please forgive me. I shouldn't have yelled at you. I don't know what came over me.

Forgive me too, Mom, I shouldn't have been so blunt and rude about my desires.

It's okay, I understand. Just think, have you ever seen a grown woman have a sexual relationship with a child? That's not normal!

But, I'm not a child! I'm a mature young man!

(What is she up to?)

Okay, mature young man; you can suck my tits.


(What a cunning woman. She seems to be trying to turn me into a submissive sucker.)

Baby, please slow down...

(No! I'll suck everything you've got.)


(She looks like she's enjoying it very much, as if she's losing control over herself.)

(Oh my god, that's the gate to heaven and it looks like it's open tonight.)

(I heard her tell Barbie with my own ears that she was always thinking about having sex with me.)

(It's the perfect moment to take advantage of her helplessness.)

(Great, she doesn't seem to mind.)

(I'm gonna try to slowly lower my hand down.)


(But your body is saying yes.)



(That's for yelling at me today.)

(I've never touched a woman's pussy before.)

(How wet, hot and soft. I can feel her clitoris; she seems to like it when I play with it. I hope I get to suck it someday.)

(She's all sweaty and her skin is hot; she's shaking. I think she's going to cum.)


Mom, are you okay? How are you feeling? Are you all right?


It was...

It was a fantastically intense pleasure. Maybe even too much for me.

I've never experienced anything like it.

I'd like to enjoy it too.

Take care of yourself. You have very delicate hands; you can manage.

That's very selfish of you. I tried to give you pleasure. Now my balls hurt and I won't be able to sleep because of the intense arousal. Thanks mom!

Don't push me, I'm tired. Before you ask me for anything, first finish what you started! Pull up the blanket and suckle my left breast!

(This feels amazing.)

(Her pussy smells so good; the perfect place to sleep.)

Good morning.

Alfred, please keep your voice down. We went to bed late, so don't wake Mom up. She's very tired; let her sleep it off.

(I promise I'll be back as soon as I can.)

Alfred, Please put Teddy in your trunk. I want to take him with me.

Good morning [m], How are you feeling?

I'm good, but a little worried. I've never teleported before.

You'll get used to it.

I have great news.

Our Queen has sent a video message for you. It's a great honor for all of us.

You're clearly very important to her.

I've been told that if I get you back to Earth alive and unharmed, I'll be promoted to General of the SDF.

Congratulations, Pam.

Barbie, broadcast the Queen's message on the big screen and go get [m] some shoes.

Hello, I'm the Queen.

Greetings human.

I'm so glad we were able to find you; it's fantastic.

We are incredibly lucky. You are our key to victory.

We are very reluctant to send you to the enemy, but we have no other choice to bring you back to Earth.

You must be very careful. Your safety first.

Alfred will do everything so please don't interfere with anything and don't talk to anyone.

These savages are very devious, they can easily deceive you in order to use you against us. Do not trust them.

Just get to Earth and every possible pleasure will await you.

A big beautiful house, maids, delicious foods, sweets, drinks, lush beaches, yachts, a huge clean swimming pool overlooking Kingdom.

Any entertainment you desire.

I'll be waiting for you.

Sounds like an invitation to heaven.

It does, she's a goddess.

Am I really going to be in a completely different place now? It's kind of freaky.

Yes. It's perfectly safe. I hope you remembered well what I told you yesterday. Let's go over it briefly again.

Your task is to find the "Mom Cow" club.

Contact the manager, her name is "Alice". She will be able to help you buy a power cell for the "Rescue 7" ship.

Tell her you've been sent by Pamela, she'll know what to do.

No robots are allowed in this bar, so only you can contact her.

Your SpacePHONE is in Alfred's trunk.

Do you have it all memorized?

Club "Mom Cow", manager "Alice".

Great! Barbie start the countdown.




Display Alfred's camera on the big screen.

Yes, Captain.

How is this even possible? Am I in a dream?

No. It's not a dream.

Okay man, what's next?


Go ask him where the "Mom Cow" club is. It must be around here somewhere.

Why don't you do it yourself?

He won't talk to me.

Why not?

Because I don't eat noodles.

Drop your toy.

Good girl.

We lost contact with Alfred. It is likely someone shot him, burning out some of his boards, including the communication and the video card.

We won't be able to contact him for teleportation.

Barbie, you have to fix it urgently. We have no other chance to save ourselves.

Go get all the tools you need and get ready to teleport.

Yes, Captain.

Who are you?

Do I... Do you... Do you know about human rights? I mean, do you know about subject rights?

I have rights.

I don't want to talk.

Ha ha, relax, I'm not going to shoot you.

Why did you shoot Alfred then?

On this planet, robots are forbidden to have combat modules. I'll take them off him.

Don't worry, it'll turn on in a few hours. You can leave it here, no one will take it away.

What's your name?

My name is [m].

[m]? Ha ha, such a funny name. Are you a gnome?

No, I'm not a gnome!

What's your name?

My name is Layla.

Why isn't your face in any database?

Who are you, and why did you teleport here with the battle robot?

I don't want to answer your questions.

The coloring of your gun "Warning" is specific to rescue ships.

And those weird sneakers... Are you going to take over the planet? Ha-ha.


In any case, I sent your image to the analysis center.

If we find out you're connected to the Federation, I'll have you arrested, and if you try to resist, I'll shoot you.


(Oh, my god, I almost peed my pants in fear.)

(I'd better get out of here now.)

(I think I better put Alfred's gun in the trunk, Its coloring might hurt me.)


(I wonder what that means? And who wrote it?)

(I see the word "People.")

(It's dark in there. I don't know where that tunnel leads. It's blowing cold air.)

(I don't want to go in there.)

(Where did she go?)

(I need to ask the noodle vendor where the bar is.)

(That was Alfred's plan.)

(Poor Alfred, I hope he'll be all right. I should get the SpacePHONE from his trunk.)

(Where can this bar be?)

Hello, could you please tell me where the Mom Cow club is located?


There it is, look.

Oh, yeah, that's it.

Thank you very much sir, you've been very helpful.

Would you like some noodles?

No, thank you.

Have a good one.

(This is a little scary.)

(Okay, manager "Alice".)

Smells like warm milk.

Hello there!

(Who's that?)

(Sex doll, robot, or alien? It looks like a humanoid.)

(Maybe I should have brought my gun.)

(Looks like some exotic sex doll playing with a couple of Dickosaurs.)

(I hope they're friendly.)

Welcome to Mom Cow, what can I get you?

Hello, I would like to see Alice.

Yes, of course. She's busy right now, but I'll let her know you're waiting for her.

Thank you.

Who are you, little futa?


Take off your shoes and panties. Sit down, and I'll get you a drink.


(Is that a real cat?)

(He's so cute.)

(I want to pet him so badly.)

Kitty, come here, let's play.


You're aggressive!

Shut the hell up, bitch!



Yes! I think I've completely lost my mind.

That's impossible!

Are you human?


You are human!

What makes you think I'm a human?

Only human beings can hear and understand me!

Your milk!

Would you like anything else?

Please order the "Futacream".


Why don't you order them yourself?

Why are you talking to Ivan?

With whom?

With the cat!

I'd like to order the "Futacream".

Great choice, just don't feed them to the cat, please. He can't do drugs!

It's none of your business, bitch!

I told Alice that you wanted to see her.

Thank you.


They can't hear you? How is that possible?

They have a limited frequency range of hearing. I speak on a frequency can only be heard by humans.

Do you understand them?


Are you a robot?

Biorobot. I'm a smart home cat, the only specimen in the galaxy.

I, too, was born in uterus like everyone else.

In a uterus?

Don't you know what a uterus is? Were you born yesterday?

A couple of days ago.

Please tell me, I'm very interested in how it all works.

The uterus is a huge sex doll factory, located on this planet.

This machine, slowly but steadily produces randomized sex dolls.


Yes, we don't know what will be born next.

She's just repeating what people were doing years ago. Mostly sex dolls, futadolls, monsters, sometimes animals.

We cannot control this process, all those born in the Uterus are innately restricted from accessing the administrative controls of the system.

What has become of the people? Where are they?

They went extinct about a thousand years ago.

Why? What happened?

It was caused by a virus that affected the sperm cells.

Where did you come from?

My God, who is that?

This is Alice, my mistress. You wanted to see her.

(My psychologist would never believe me if I told her about this.)

Is she like a man? I mean, those penis and balls.

It's not a penis, it's a hypertrophied clitoris. Her balls produce lubricant, which has a strong narcotic effect.

This liquid is very rare and expensive, so she wears a condom.

She has high levels of female hormones and completely lacks male hormones, biologically she is a super woman.

Futadolls are very rare, there are only a few of them. Subjects from all over the galaxy, come to this club to see her.

And me.

Your name is Ivan. Are you male?

I have no gender or reproductive organs. Yes, my name is Ivan. That’s what the Uterus named me. Smart Home Siberian Cat "Ivan".

What are you going to do, what's your plan?

I don't know, things change so fast. Right now I'm just trying to get home down to earth.

Please take me with you. I don't want to live here, don't leave me alone here.

He's acting really weird with you. He usually can't stand anyone.

This is your cream. Aaliyah said you wanted to see me?

Yes, Pamela sent me, I need a power cell for a ship called Rescue 7.

Sure, I'll help you.

Please don't feed cream to the cat.

I have rights, you stupid bitch!

Pretty little futa, you like me? That's so cute.

(I'm so confused.)

You can milk me.

She doesn't usually let anyone touch her.


(Really huge, soft and hot. I can feel it throbbing.)

(I'll try to squeeze harder.)


(A big drop fell. She cums with this liquid.)

(I'm going to squeeze even harder and try to milk her!)

(I guess I squeezed it too hard.)

(So much, I can feel her juice flowing with my fingers.)

(Her clit moves in my hand like it's alive.)

Let her go.

Alice, are you okay?

I don't know, I feel dizzy.

Go sit on the couch.

That's her?

Yes, she said she was sent by Pamela and that she needed a power cell for a spaceship, model rescue 7.

My body responds very strangely to her. I'm all hot!

Please be nice to her, she's so sweet and gentle. I'm in love.

No thanks, I don't want to.


She told me that she was sent by Pamela and that she needed a power cell for a spaceship, model rescue 7.

My body responds very strangely to her. I'm all hot!

Be careful with her, I don't trust this gnome with a dick. She looks like an SDF agent.

I think I overdosed.

(I feel like I'm in school.)

A few days ago, a spaceship appeared in orbit unresponsive with the recognition system turned off.

Then, some Pamela contacted Alice and offered a lot of money to help her buy a power cell for the spaceship.

And then you teleport with a combat robot and a pistol. You're not in any database.

Rescue 7 is an SDF rescue ship.

You're in big trouble, [m].


Check her!

Do you want to run away from here?


I'm going to turn off the lights; it's going to get dark. You run straight to the exit and keep the door open until I run out.

Please hurry up!

(I think I'm going to faint... Just breathe deeply... My heart is beating so fast...)



Ha-ha, close the door quickly, they're coming for us!

(Alfred, I'll come back for you!)

Where are we running to?

I don't know. I thought you knew.



Thanks for helping me escape.

Thank you, Ivan, for saving me from rape!

What? No, Charlie's good. He wouldn't do anything bad to you. They thought you were an SDF sex doll. He has sensors that detect the presence of a mental block!

A mental block?

All dolls are categorized into free and blocked.

This planet and Uterus used to belong to the SDF queen. After birth, she blocked their critical thinking, making them her slaves.

Now there are two opposing groups in the galaxy, the SDF and the Space Pirates. There are also space bandits, but not a lot of them.

How do you remove this block?

There is a special device that updates the operating system tied to the synthetic part of the doll's brain.

How do you know all this?

Everyone knows this. I spent a lot of time in that club listening to the stories of visitors speaking about what was going on in the galaxy.

I think I have a full and fairly objective view of reality, even though I spent all my time there.

Wait a second, does that mean I cheated and ran away from the good guys?

Sort of.

Why sort of?

Because I was trapped there!


I feel uncomfortable without any clothes on.

Ask this cow where you can get dressed.

Why do you call her a cow?

Because she is a cow - a specially designed organism to produce milk during space travel and planetary settlement.

They look about the same, differing slightly from breed to breed.

Have you seen the milk bottles at the club? It's their production and it's painted on the label.

How can a person look like that? I mean it looks like huge implants.

Her butt is a deposit of fat and nutrients for milk production.

The breasts have elastic skin to hold large volumes of milk, and she has a strengthened spine.

Do you understand what genetic engineering is?



Hello, beautiful futa.

Hi, do you know where I can find clothes?

Sure, see the "ASTRO" store behind me?

Yan Wang will help you find something suitable. She has great taste.

Thank you.

What's your name?


I'm Moolinda.

Do you need a cow? I give high-quality, high-calorie milk - the best in the galaxy!

No thanks, I already have one.

Write down my number just in case. I'll give you a great discount, handsome.

Okay, thank you.

See you later, I'll be waiting for your call!

(How beautiful she is. She has a strong magnetism about her, my panties are completely soaked. I'm all hot and ready to be her cow for free!)

(She's the sexiest futa I've ever met.)

Hello, welcome to ASTRO. My name is Yan.

Hi, I'm [m].

I know this cat, it's Ivan from "Mom Cow". A couple of days ago he spilled milk on me and scratched my hand.

I don't remember you.

I need clothes.

I see, come on. I have a genetically enhanced sense of aesthetics and style. I'd love to find the perfect fit for you.

Do you like it?

Ha-ha it's funny and cute, but I wouldn't want to go back to earth like that.

I'd like to look more brutal, dominant, you know?

Ivan, what are you doing?

He seems to have eaten all my magic mushrooms.

Don't be dramatic, it was only a couple of grams.

I'm sorry, I'll pay for them.

It's not about the money. I'm just worried that he's going to get sick.

I feel amazing.

He's fine.

Really? Okay, no problem. I'll get you some more clothes.

Ivan, please stop stealing other people's drugs. You're embarrassing me.

As you realize, I can't make money and buy them myself.

If you don't want me to steal, you'll have to buy me drugs and vodka.

I won't buy you alcohol, you might get violent. I don't want trouble over a cat.

Okay, you don't have to buy alcohol. I don't like it that much.

Okay, how's that for a brutal dominator?

You look like a homeless person.

This is also funny. I would like something serious and sporty.

Okay, I think I know what you want.

You check this floor, I'll check the top floor.

Great, I like it. I look like an actor from a Star Trek porn parody.

This suit is made of high quality stretch fabric. It will always fit you no matter the size.

(Mom is gonna love this!)

There are some accessories in stock that will go with this outfit, I'll be back.

Thank you, Yan!

(It looks like I'm going to have to deal with grown-up problems. I have to be brave and decisive.)


If you suck it, I won't tell anyone I saw you; I’ll help you hide.


Sounds like a great deal.

Ivan, are you okay?

We don't have much time!

Are you kidding me right now?

I found her!

Great, now she's not going anywhere.

Shoot her!


(It looks like this thing was giving me Milkogen injections.)

(It's time.)



Vasilisa the Beautiful.

(My whole body is numb, I can't move.)

Yes, General.


I told you about her. We still don't know who she is. Her appearance is not recorded. There is no information about her birth in the uterus.

Apparently, she's connected to the SDF Resue 7 spacecraft, which is now in our orbit.

The Dickosaurs show no sexual interest in her.

It's very strange.

Who are you?

(I can't talk, I can't speak.)

Baba Yaga, I need your help!


Who is she?


It's human!

A man!

You know that's impossible!

It smells human!

Excuse me, I don't feel comfortable. Could you please step away? I need some social distance.


Where is Ivan?


My cat!

Your cat? Ha-ha, he's fine. We gave him back to Alice.

Are you human?


My name is Vasilisa the Beautiful! I am the elected president of the Space Pirates.

Say your full name.


[m] Skywalker.


Jedi Knight.

[m] Skywalker, Jedi Knight.

Nice to meet you.

Where did you come from, [m] Skywalker?

My cryochamber was found by a couple of girls from a broken ship. They asked me to help them get a power cell to repair it. That's why I'm here.

You are the one, the one who can change everything!

The one?

You can authorize the Queen as an administrator, and free the universe from dictatorship.

Authorize as an administrator?

If your sperm gets into her womb, you will become the SDF queen's master.

Many dolls are unaware of this human ability.

I don't want to authorize the queen!

No one can force you, we have a state of law. We'll just show and tell you the truth.

You can help us if you want.

You will have to make a choice between democracy and dictatorship, between truth and lies, logic and emotion.

I don't want to make any choices. Why is everyone always trying to take advantage of me?

I just want to go home to earth!

Layla, get the new girl here!

[m], is that you?

I'm so glad to see you.

Barbie, you look great. You look so...alive!

Yes, I am a free woman now. My brain is unlocked. For the first time in my life I am aware of myself as a person.

We must save Pamela too, and help the pirates free all the SDF dolls the dastardly queen has made her slaves.

Now we're on the right side, we need your help!

How can I help?

We have a detailed plan, with a high probability of success.

First of all, as Barbie said, we need to free the captain - to take over the ship.

Next, you will go to the space station SWITZERLAND, where there is an experimental facility to accelerate the growth of biological cells.

You'll grow up in a few hours and become mature and sexy.

I don't think my mother would approve of this experiment with age.

Your mother?

Yes, the organic woman from the other cryochamber. We found them together.

I'll give you pills that cause a very strong sexual arousal even in blocked dolls.

I don't think you'll be able to slip the Queen those pills, she has good security.

The dickosaur can paralyze her for a while, but she will shoot him before he gets near her.

The best way is to seduce and then authorize the queen in a natural biological way.

That means you will need to be desired by her enough for her to seek intercourse.

You need to appear mature and defined for that. She's a grown woman, and she's not going to feel sexually attracted to your youthful appearance.

I don't want to grow, but I'll think about it.

Let's take it one step at a time. I suggest we start with Pamela.

You will need a team! General Layla will go with you.

I'm not going anywhere without my cat.

Layla, get Alice in here with the cat.

Any other requests?

Yes, I don't want to be bossed around.

You are in charge. Layla and the others will follow your orders without question.

This is your mission, we are very grateful and happy that you have agreed to help us.

I also need clothes for my mother, lots of clothes!

Of course, Barbie will tell Yan her size.


Oh [m], I'm so glad to see you!

Is everything okay, Ivan?

Please take me with you! Don't leave me alone!

It's okay, don't worry. I'm working on it.

Alice, you've proven your loyalty to our values, so you're going with Layla on a very important mission.

A positive outcome from this mission could very quickly and effectively bring peace to the galaxy.

Your task is to guard [m] and carry out all his orders.

Gather all the necessary equipment and be sure to take your cat with you. Layla will tell you the details.

As you command, President V. I am honored to be of service to our state!

This is the love.

This is the love.

You were talking to the cat. It was so sweet and funny.


Now that you have a big team, you'll need a cow to feed all of you. I have a good one!

No need, I have a cow I know. Let's take her.

Where did you meet this cow?

I accidentally met her on the street when I was looking for clothes.

Was it Moolinda?


I will invite her in.

I like your positive and energetic attitude. It's obvious that you will be able to overcome any difficulties.

Thank you.

If you succeed in this mission, you will become a legend of the free world.

Sounds cool, but I need more time to figure out who's who in this universe.

Sure, take your time and find your way.

Hi [m], I'm so glad you remembered me.

You are such a beautiful cow. Do you have experience with long-term space travel with a crew?

No, but I am the winner of the “Space Cow 3120” beauty contest where my health and milk quality were also judged.

That's excellent.

Please show us your nipples and hymen.

Of course.

Nice healthy nipples.

[m], do you like my nipples?

Yes, of course I like your nipples.

(Her clit has become so big.)

(How I wish I could suck them.)

Would you like to suck them?

No thanks, I'm not hungry. Maybe next time.

Absolutely, no problem.

Okay Moolinda, turn around and show us your pussy.

(What a beautiful and large clitoris.)

(I love genetic engineering. I wonder what would happen if she was injected with MilkoGEN?)

Skywalker, check for a hymen.

Yes, Mrs. President!

I think I'm going to cum in my new suit.

Is she a virgin?


Does it matter?

If she's a virgin, then she hasn't had futa sex.

After futa sex, her milk will have a narcotic effect for a long time. We don't need that.

That's why virgin cows are worth a lot more.

I am a virgin, no doubt.

Great Moolinda, you are perfect for this mission. Gather everything you need for space travel. Layla will instruct you.

This is the love.

This is the love.

Now, let's see if you have access to the uterus control system.

What is this?

A special area for the cultivation and storage of stem cells.

Who maintains all of it?

Special robots.

I can't go any further with you, or my body will shut down.

At the end of this corridor is the uterus, where the cyborg Arlekino will meet you.

This is so exciting.


(I think I've seen this woman somewhere.)


Hi I'm [m], you must be Arlekino?

Vasilisa wanted to check my access to the control system.

The check is successful if you are already here.

What would you like to do?

What can I do?

You can change the global settings in the system core.

Or you can change the parameters of any doll here as well as create a new one.

Create a new one?


Could it be anyone?

Yes, if such genetic material is in the database.

Who is in this database?

Mostly female specimens that were popular with people: celebrities, film characters, custom sex dolls - whatever people commissioned.

What if I want to recreate a relative, like my mother?

If you have a sample of her DNA, we can do that.

I don't...

But I probably have a sample of my grandmother's DNA; it might be on the toy she gave me.

Let's scan this toy.

It's in the trunk of my robot right now. Give me a few minutes and I'll get it.

This will be so cool if it works.

My own sex doll grandma.

Vasilisa, I need the toy bear from my robot’s trunk.

Yes, of course, Barbie is now preparing and repairing his teleportation equipment.

Why do you need a toy?

It might have remnants of my grandmother's DNA on it. I'd like to create her.

Great idea, I can only hope it helps us achieve our common goal?

I think so.

Where have you been, [m]? I needed your help. It was so tiring carrying Alfred here; I'm sweaty.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry Barbie, I've been busy. Is Alfred okay? I need a toy from his trunk.

Yeah, he's fine. We're almost ready to teleport.

I'm so glad we're a team now!

Я бы хотела, чтобы ты переехал ко мне в комнату когда мы захватим корабль.

Мне будет так одиноко и скучно одной без тебя, давай жить вместе?

I don't know how my mother would feel about that.

Who do you like better, myself or Aisha?

Oh my god Barbie, she's my mother; it's different. Please don't start.

Let's talk about it when we liberate Pamela, okay?

Kiss me!

Barbie, you're insane!

(And beautiful!)

(Such soft, wet and hot lips.)

Barbie has become much livelier and emotional.

Looks like if it all works out, I'll have a great harem.

Here we go!

Put him in the research capsule.

The results of the scan are ready.

A large number of DNA bacteria and viruses. There is human female, 4 species differing Haplogroup.

Chinese, Indian, Slavic and German.

Yeah, Slavic, she was from Eastern Europe.

Basic profile created, how old was she?


You also need to include weight, name, hair, and other data.

Now click here to confirm the start of the operation.

How long will this creation process take?

A few minutes.

That's so quick.

Very much like her, but she looks too young and thin.

The maturation process is at fifty percent.


Now we need to add character traits.

There are so many parameters to fill in. This will take forever.

There are some ready-made templates. You can set up a standard caring grandmother program.

Great, that's just what we need!

How will she know I'm her grandson?

Her brain will be imprinted with the memory that you are her beloved grandson, whom she has cared for since birth.

Vasilisa asked me to make her useful for space travel.

I'll load her up with general information about the world, various skills and knowledge useful for space travel.

Great, thanks Arli. When can I meet her?

I need a few minutes.

Everything is ready for teleportation. We are just waiting for your grandmother.

Arlekino has now informed me that she is on her way here.

I'm so excited.


[m], is that you?


Sweetheart, are you alright? Did anyone here hurt you? Have you eaten today?

Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.

I'm told we're going on a mission in space. Is this mission safe for you?

We're hoping you can help us make it safe.

Yes, of course. I'm glad to be helpful.

Can I get some clothes? I don't want to embarrass my grandson with my nudity.

Of course.

Layla, please give clothes to [m]'s grandmother.

Thank you.

A scheduled teleportation session with the captain is about to begin.

Let's check it out!

Moolinda, are you ready to go?

Of course I'm ready. I've always dreamed of space adventures, ha-ha.

(I wonder if she wants to have sex.)

Are you guys ready? We're ready, ha-ha.

Great job Alice, we'll start soon.

(Ivan doesn't seem to be happy about anything.)


We're ready!

What is this?

That's what you're here for. This power cell is for a Rescue 7 model spaceship.

Excuse me, why did they give me these instead of clothes?

These are new-born clothes. Your skin is all wet with placental fluid.

Grandma, I ordered a lot of clothes for my mom. You have a similar size.

Okay sweetheart, no problem, I can wait.

By the way, where are those clothes for my mother and grandmother?

It's here, in this suitcase.

Also in this suitcase I put:

Mind cracker - a device for reinstalling the doll's operating system and removing blocks.

With this device, Barbie was freed after she was paralyzed by Dickosaur.

You will need it to unlock Captain Pamela's brain after Barbie turns her off.

This is the only unit in the galaxy. Be careful with it. It must not fall into the hands of the enemy.

Got it.

I also put in your suitcase, pills that increase sexual arousal.

This is a secret development of our scientists.

If you get a chance, slip them to the queen to initiate the authorization process.

Use them with caution. The standard dose is 1 gram or 10 pills.

20 pills can cause sexual aggression. You can be raped.

Be careful!

(It's like we're flying to Las Vegas on vacation.)

What if I don't want to or can't authorize her?

[m], hundreds of thousands of dolls throughout the galaxy are in mental bondage and need your help.

You're the only one who can free our sisters!

We'll do everything we possibly can to help you.

Okay, no problem. I'm ready, let's do it!

You can always get all the details about the mission from Layla. She is the general in charge of the mission!

Barbie, go ahead!

Okay guys, I'm going to contact the captain now, teleport back to the ship, and knock her out.

After that I will teleport all of you to the ship and we will unlock Pamela's head with the mind cracker.

Our main advantage is surprise. She won't expect it.

Please be silent when I speak to her.

(Barbie is so cool.)

Captain, it's Barbie, we're ready!

All right, Barbie, I'm ready for you. List all the objects for teleportation!

Primary: [m], Alfred, [m]'s grandmother, and myself.

Secondary: Two prisoners in restraints.

Tertiary: Moolinda the cow, to feed passengers. [m]'s cat, the required power cell for our ship, and several travel cases with clothes.

I have a lot of questions about the list, but we'll deal with that here after the teleportation.

Barbie, you did a great job!

Ready to accept all objects one by one in order of priority, starting with [m].

I'd like to be the first so I can help you with the teleportation.

[m] first!

Yes, Captain.

Welcome aboard [m]. A brilliantly accomplished mission! You are a real hero!

Thank you, Pam.

(It's like she's gotten fat and she's being so friendly.)

Were there any situations involving your use of my gun?

No, I didn't have to use it.

Great, the best fight is one that never happens!


Please return my weapon and help me with the teleportation.

Yes, of course Pam. Here you go.



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